I take my craft seriously but not so much myself, and I'm all about peer support over peer pressure! You can find me telling jokes at open mics, or sipping a sparkling wine over hotpot around New York City. If you are vibing with me, I'd love to get connected! ♡

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If social media is your cup of tea, come find me on instagram @dingding_hu! I fill my feed with project updates alongside visual delights and I share stories of behind the scenes alongside cute dogs and delicious bites!

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You can sign up to receive Marvellous Mimosa, a collection of my writings and artworks inspired by the ancient art of Tarot Cards, aimed to deliver you the messages that will awaken the dormant creative magic within!

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Whether you have some insights to share or you have an awesome project in mind, you can reach out to me through email. It would be great if you can share a brief introduction of who you are, followed by what you have in mind. 

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