with my mixology of creativity, intuition & imagination, HUniverse offers merchandise that sparks effervescent delight, which will take you on a wild ride through a tunnel of pure imagination, heading towards the renaissance of your own inner magic!

Do you know where is the land beyond the eye, that people cannot see? Hey there, it’s Dingding here, this is my HUniverse, welcome to the perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane! Come on over and browse through Art Prints, Energy Drawings, and Graphic Books that deliver everyday enlightenment to your personal style as well as living environment. ♡

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Artwork has power, as images bring a certain frequency to you that delivers good vibes and positive shifts in subtle and magical ways. A piece of framed artwork with a specific color and intention is like a magic spell that's working for your space 24/7, quietly radiating uplifting energy that brightens up the room multi-dimensionally! 


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While the AURA is a photo that interprets someone’s energy field with a camera, the AURAcle is a drawing that captures the specific essence and frequency of a person or an intention with the artist’s intuition. It is a portrait of someone’s creative nature, and it is also an energetic image about a state of being. 


for self transformation


Welcome to your “Delicious Daydreams”, come meet all the fantastic foodie friends!! In this vivacious take on the classic seek and find book, it delivers wonderful imaginary adventures for all the curious children, as well as awakens the inner child for all the young at heart grown-ups.


for the inner child

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