AURAcle is meant to capture the color frequency of an energetic existence, and each image mirrors and amplifies that specific energy.

Imagine a new way of seeing

We all radiate colors, and what we see as color, initially is light. The colors (light) we carry inside are the fundamental building blocks of our imaginations and the ability to imagine is the reason why we can dream, visualize and create. We are intuitive beings made of colors, and we all carry a unique spectrum of rainbow that’s waiting to shine! 

AURAcle is an image that captures the color frequency of our energetic existence. It is a piece of artwork, accompanied by a collection of writings which further illuminates the image. It works in a similar way to oracle cards (tarot cards), while the focus is less about divination but more on the reflection of one’s authentic nature.

We all carry light inside, and any given stream of light has their specific value of frequency, wavelength, as well as energy associated with it. Each of us is made of a certain combination of energy, and everything around us also contains its own spectrum of energy. From a tiny thought in the mind, to objects and space, from food on the table, to animals, trees and nature, the whole existence is pure energy. I created AURAcle in hopes of offering a more tangible way for us to get in touch with energy through our eyes, and below I shared the AURAcle I created for the basic energy of fundamental elements we carry inside. If you are curious about the basic energy of elemental colors, you can read more at Color Citrus

seeing a snapshot of Energy

All the information of the element distilled into an energy report that demonstrates the unique traits of the element and how it translates into personality, and self expression.

The AURA colors in the "energetic spectrum" of the element, based on the color data from a volunteer.

A full body portrait of "energetic  expression" of the element in the form of a female figure.

an energy drawing of the BASIC four elements

auracle of elements

find my element!

When air is your dominant element, it means you are someone who has a lot of good ideas, and sees everyday mundane life with your own unique perspective. You feel most fulfilled when you are exploring knowledge that is beyond the norm, as well as when you are in touch with your intuitive self. You find most ease in stillness, and you are one with the uttermost imagination. Don’t let anyone ridicule your vivid vision, and remember to keep yourself grounded often by hugging a tree or simply immersing yourself in nature. 

the expression of the element

The energy of air is all about wisdom in the subtle stillness, and the season when air is most active is fall. Air is everywhere, invisible yet essential, and the way we breathe in air, is the same way we absorb inspirations. Air is what fills a space, defines an environment and brings changes as we inhale and exhale. Air is the substance of life, and air can never be obtained in a closed environment. We can never grasp air as it is only meant to be sensed with full attention. 

the unique traits of the element

a handbook that illuminates core of the element

the element of air

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When water is your dominant element, it means you are someone who experiences emotions on a deep level, and feels the emotion of others around you easily. You feel most alive when you get to express your own emotions freely, as well as when you get to connect with others on a deep level. You feel most joy in the flow, and you enjoy losing yourself in the delight of music and movement. Don’t let anyone judge how you feel about things, and remember to not get attached with feelings either, let it pass like the weather.

the expression of the element

The energy of water is all about emotion in its constant movement, and the season when water is most active is winter. Water comes in a variety of streams, be it river, waterfall, or the ocean, it is constantly in the flow by nature. When water is limited in a closed space like a pond, it starts to stink. Water is what we are made of, and all the feelings we have as human beings are simply energy in its motion, just like water. It is impossible to take control of water, but we can learn to understand its flow and work in alignment with it.

the unique traits of the element

a handbook that illuminates core of the element


find your element

When earth is your dominant element, it means you are someone who gives life to ideas, and brings dreams into realities. You are a natural when it comes to manifestations. You feel most rewarding when you get to build something from the ground up, and you are a mastermind of structures and systems. You were born a brilliant planner, and you have the superpower to bring ingredients together and make things happen like magic. Don’t let anyone doubt your work in progress, and remember to recharge yourself with activities that inspire flow and rhythm. 

the expression of the element

The energy of earth is all about birth, nurturing and connection, and the season when earth is most active is spring. We all come from the earth initially and we return to earth after death. Earth is the ground below us, and the birthplace of all things in nature. Roots grow beneath earth, rivers flow in between earth, and fire returns life back into earth. No matter how much things have changed over decades and generations, earth remains as the most tangible reality like eternity. 

the unique traits of the element

a handbook that illuminates core of the element


find your element

When fire is your dominant element, it means you are someone who loves passionately, and brings warmth and sparks to those around you. You feel most connected when you get to speak your love language to someone, as well as spending romantic time with a dear loved one. You love taking actions, making movements and bringing transformations to people and the environment around you. You are naturally a leader with the uttermost charm. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too much, and remember to cool off and rest when you are feeling exhausted.

the expression of the element

The energy of fire is all about passion, desire and love, and the season when fire is most active is summer. Fire starts as a littn inside of our heart, and it can turn into magnificent fireworks in the sky, waking up the burning life force inside of our spirit. We use fire to cook food, to keep us warm, and to heat up a romantic night. Fire can melt ice, tear down walls and transform metals. They always say don’t play with fire, because only the most skillful one can master its infinite power.

the unique traits of the element

a handbook that illuminates core of the element


As an artist, I have an empathic gift of identifying energy, and interpret them into the forms of artwork. As a geek, I dedicated a lot of time studying the energetic nature of beings, such as food. I created the commissioned AURAcle to help you remove outside noises and receive inside clarity. Once you get to witness the light inside of you and discover the magnificence you carry, you can send out a surefire signal to the universe for the law of attraction to manifest the big dreams of yours!

The rainbow comes from water yet shines as light across the sky. Similarly as creative beings we navigate our emotional waters, shedding layers of our old self, and eventually we get to rise above and witness our own light. When we get to align our outer reality with our true inner self, we are ready to shine!

seeing a reflection of you

I will organize all the information from your "energetic spectrum" as well as refer to oracle cards to distill your unique "creative blueprint" and weave everything into the final Creative Genius Report.

I will embed your "dominant element" (fire, air, water, earth) into the rhythm of the portrait, as well as apply additional symbols that resembles your creative superpower. 

I will identify the AURA colors in your "energetic spectrum" that represents your creative expression, fundamental energy and path towards abundance.

I will illustrate a full body portrait of you based on your "energetic archetype" and my signature art style, which will showcase your "futuristic self" in full expression with your unique gifts.

a energy portrait about the elements of you

auracle of you

get my auracle!

In one way or another, we are all searching for something in life deep inside, some call it the message from the heart, others phrase it as an inner calling. What we can’t deny is that this desire from within never goes away, and it actually leads the way like a north star to guide us towards the next destination. Each level in a video game leads to a final chapter, and each destination in our life over time paints the big picture for a path towards true abundance and fulfillment. 

Your Abundance path

In order to grow muscle, we go through pressure in the gym. In order to grow strength and wisdom, we go through struggles and experience pain in life. Ultimately we get to unlock the superpower inside of us, which can assist us in the process of manifesting the life of our dreams. It is vital to recognize the repeating patterns of life lessons we go through, as it is precisely designed for us to come to our place of power, in an upward spiral. 

Your Swirl of Inspirations

Inside our auric field stores our fundamental energy, and we are all made of elements that already existed in nature, because we are part of nature. Within our DNA lies the wisdom and power that resembles the core elements in life, fire, water, air and earth. Trees naturally grow towards the sky, because that is the best way for them to thrive. There is a best outcome for our pursuit towards abundance as well, despite the fact that various paths can lead to the same destination, the manifestation of your futuristic self. 

Your Fundamental Energy

We all have a desire to share our authentic voice, while some of us use it to communicate, and others use it to influence. Just like there’s classical music, jazz music and pop music, each of us has a tone of our own kind, which translates to our special elements of expression. 

Your Creative Expression

Each of us is born with an innate gift. It is uniquely different from one another, and we have been practicing it our entire life. This innate gift reflects the main character of our spirits, and it clarifies the medicine we are meant to bring to this world. 

Your unique Gifts

a handbook that illuminates the genius of you

Creative Genius Report

- Prayanka Vashee

I’ve done many astrology readings that have been great in helping me understand my personality and nature, but the "Creative Genius Report" hones into our purpose and how we can create abundance with our unique gifts. I love that I have more clarity on what makes me special and how I can focus my energy to feel more joyful and fulfilled. The "Creative Genius Report" is inspiring, fun, and so helpful for those of us creatives who are looking for more direction.

I’m an artist, writer, performer, as well as a nerd for mystic arts! One of my superpowers is that I am a seer of auric fields, which grants me the ability to "see" colors (auras) of people, animals, plants, and even ingredients, as well as "sense" colors (vibes) of perfume, wine, food, and sometimes places. After years of mystic research alongside my artistic experience, I developed the system of AURAcle to tell the stories our energetic essence, in hopes of inspiring new ways of seeing and discovering the elements and energy in our everyday lives. ♡

Hi, I'm Dingding

The caterpillar, at a certain point in its life cycle, becomes a voracious, over consumptive glutton consuming everything in sight and within reach. At that same moment of developmental excess, inside the caterpillar the imaginal cells begin to stir. 

Imaginal cells are specialized cells, and in the minority, but when they connect with each other they become the genetic directors of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar.

At some point in the caterpillar’s feeding-frenzy stage, the imaginal cells usher in the process in which the over-consumptive caterpillar becomes the “nutritive soup” out of which the imaginal cells create the miracle of the butterfly. 

— Elisabet Sahtouris