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I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

Dami Lee is a Seoul-born, New York based artist, cartoonist and lady person. She currently writes about the internet for The Verge and has drawn comics for The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and premium mustard brands. She is the cartoonist behind the popular cartoon series As Per Usual and the author of Be Everything at Once published by Chronicle Books.

On today’s episode, I chatted with my doppelganger sister Dami Lee about our identical egg lady personality, the artist’s Journey of a not exact American person, as well as relationships with our better half. My favorite part of this conversation is the surprising update of our worldview on eggs! Honey, you deserve a good snack break, go grab some chips and come on over join the chat!  

Five Nutty Questions

Please compare chicken and egg!
I’m gonna go with eggs cause I like to eat them. Chicken just seems like a lot of work! One of my favorite breakfasts is Nattō on rice with a little poached egg. And I like to mix it all together. It’s so good!

If you are a type of snack, what is it?
I would be a little Choco pie. It’s like a little Korean snack that comes in this iconic red box. It’s like a little marshmallow cake covered with chocolate!

When was the last time your shell cracks?
(You mentioned in your book that sometimes your shell cracks, that was how I feel in my 20s, very fragile!) You know what you could be is tea eggs, that are like cracked, but it’s soaked in soy sauce! You know like all the obstacles that you’ve overcome are just like all the cracks. You’re a marinated tea egg now! (OMG)

Any plans for my last meal?
Right now I’m in my Nattō phase, like I love Nattō. I think I’m really into kind of mushy and runny textures, like okra kind of soft, you know, like mac and cheese, that kind of stuff. It’s runny, foamy and streamy, and I just love it. Also I really like that it’s probiotic, which is good for your gut. 

Tell me something nuts!
The weather is nuts right now. I mean, it’s really gloomy but it’s actually like 70 degrees. It’s like super warm, but it looks like it’s gonna rain! My emotions are very heavily dictated by the weather.


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