welcome to daydream daiquiri

So let me introducing you a brand new chapter of my creative endeavor,
the guided creative journey, let's just call this one, the Daydream Daiquiri.

Since the completion of the "Delicious Daydreams" book, I knew it is more than just a book, as during the process of creating it, I've gone through a massive shift in my personal life. I had to remove a lot of mental blocks, develop an effective creative routine, and most importantly, tap into my own imaginary realm like never before, through my own mind's eye.

Upon the completion of the book, I've experimented with many different ways of bringing this body of work to a new dimension. Through trial and error since early 2023, I think I've finally understood where this book wants to take me, alongside each single of you.

What is your natural way of communication?Do you like to speak what's on your mind, process thoughts on your sketchbook, put your feelings into music or something else? 


What is love? Don't overthink it, just let your pen flow on the paper (or the screen).


Ask yourself: why is this one thing (from question 2) so important to me? List all the reasons that come to mind!


Name one thing that's really important to you, like it's from a soft corner in your heart!


Speaking of something that feels like home, what comes to mind first?


This guided journey you are about to embark on is just like a workout for your creative muscle, so it is essential to do a few warm-up push ups with your mind. Let's dive in!

warm up questions

access the audio

A few things to keep in mind before you start this guided journey. First of all, find yourself a quiet space where you will have no interruptions for at least 10 mins. Secondly, find your self a set of headphones as it will help you best immersed in the experience. Thirdly, prepare yourself a place to write down notes, both from the warm up questions, and from after the guided experience. Last but not least, during the session I will prompt you to take deep breath in, just know that you can take several intake breaths before you take a breath out, so that you will always feel relaxed and comfortable! Shall we get started?

Daydream Daiquiri