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The concept of inner child is not new, and for a long time, I thought I was communicating with my inner child pretty well: you know, simply stuff, just to play and have fun, follow the voice inside of me! Then one day I was in a consulting session, trying to understand my life crisis of a spiritual awakening and a comedy calling at the same time. I thought something must be wrong with me and I need help!! The end result is that I cracked open and sobbed for the entire session, and I realized that I’m on my right path after all! And most importantly, I finally met my inner child! On today’s episode, I want to unpack this whole myth for you, in hopes of bringing more joy back to your own life!

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Inner Child is Making time for PLAY!

First of all, I think it is necessary to talk about Play, because after all it is the easiest way to get into our inner child, and the key to a good play is seriously don’t overthink it! I started to get in touch with Play thanks to my dog Chashu. Chashu has been one of the best things that came to my life, as he not only trained me to be highly selective for both of our food, but also added an hour of Play time into my everyday routine!

Together we developed all sorts of different games with balls, laser tag, pillows, and complicated chasing routines, and the process of figuring out all different game rules are just us being silly with each other and trying to win the game! It is a sense of feeling where I don’t need to use my logic anymore, and I can just follow the movement and rhythm, be willing to be silly! It’s that state of shocking and laughing as if we are losing control that truly bring out our inner child, alongside with a sense of the original joy that’s uniquely our own ! It’s a feeling of pure happiness and freedom!

Inner Child is Healing from Conditional Love

Chances are you do vividly remember those silly moments as a kid, but you no longer identify with that version of you, and you feel stupid to even think  about doing activities that only belong to kids, cause after all, we are grown-ups, why bother? The truth is, that kid has never left you, and this why bother attitude you have is actually smothering that little spirit inside of you, which is the ultimate resources of your personal imagination and creativity.

My favorite playmate growing up was my dad, who is a child at heart, and he would often time take me out in the field, and digging into the dirt for treasures. I still vividly remember there was this one time we accidentally uncovered an ant’s home, and as I watch tons and tons of ants moving food out of their home thanks to this “natural disaster”, it was the most fascinating experience that I’ve ever had with nature! Meanwhile my mom took a really different approach when it comes to play, she sort of forced me to play piano, like every other kid, even though my true passion lies in drawing pictures.

I once saw this little Asian boy playing an electronic piano at one of New York’s subway stations, and I can feel the exact energy my mom fueled into me when I was a little kid, it was music, but it was this robotic mastery of a rhythm and pattern of music notes, combined with physical excellence on movement of fingers. It was not touching me, cause there’s no love in it, and that’s how many of us live our adult life these days! We work hard to achieve all sorts of career milestone and societal status, however if you are not feeling true happiness, it’s probably because there’s no love infused with what you do! You are not doing it with your heart, and that’s where you inner child lives. 

Many of us were immersed in an environment of conditional love, where we were programmed to function only in the way that our parents preferred, cause otherwise we are not going to be loved, we are making a mistake and we face the deep fear every child has: abandonment. Conditional love is based on the caregiver or lover’s personal preference, and it help them to train the child or lover to become the ideal version that matches their own belief system. On the contrary, unconditional love, is actually about giving love to someone with the highest good for the receiver based on the true nature of the receiver. So when you were on your way to pursue love, you might have shut down parts of you that really wanted to express themselves, and that is your wounded inner child!

Inner Child is Believing in Magic!

We have been living in a masculine society, which has made us all miserable, and it is time for the feminine energy to come through! To explain feminine energy, a great starting point is to look at our mother earth, and the beautiful nature that she nurtures, some call it mama Gaia. To live a life that honors the wisdom of mother nature, is how Indigenous community has lived their whole life, until colonist come over and destroyed everything.The wisdom of mother nature started with honoring that there’s rhythm of life, that we go through life not just looking at the sun, but pay attention to the moon. It is to understand four seasons not from a commercial calendar but understands what it means to birth, thrive, harvest and rest.

Our inner child understand everything intuitively because it is the most authentic part of our spirit. Our inner child is a voice inside of us that’s trying to connect with our awareness and point out our heart’s desire since day one. For a long time I believed there’s so many things that are wrong about me, and I’m so far from perfect. But what I didn’t see is this so called imperfection is exactly what makes us unique, and our very own gift lies within those imperfect aspects of ourselves!


So here is my invitation to you, honey, to spend sometime, an afternoon or a bubble bath, and really ask yourself, what is this one trait inside of me that I am afraid of revealing, but it keeps on haunting me? Do I want to dance, do I want to sing, or maybe I want to learn how to cook, or maybe I want to learn about drawing? Whatever it is, give yourself the permission to pursue it. I guarantee you that you will find something new to love about yourself. And when that happens, you get to finally say, hey nice to meet you, inner child!

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming workshop “Hotline to your Inner Child”, follow this link to read more about it or register for the event directly here! I truly hope you enjoyed this episode of my take on discovering our inner child, and I’d love to connect with you on instagram if that’s your cup of tea! If you enjoyed the conversation, please leave me a review to let me know, as it will tremendously help us reach more like minded folks!!

Thank you for stopping by, and remember it’s your time to shine! 🙂

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