This is a series of workshops designed to help you stretch the limit of your imaginations, expand your visions toward your own inner brilliance. The exercises range from prompt journaling, structured doodling, and guided visualizations alongside reading materials and worksheet for you to strengthen and deepen afterwards. The goal is to unleash your own inner creative genius, so that you are ready to reach new height of your business and life!

daydream workshop

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Daydream is a state of presence that surpasses the ordinary life, where our focus shifts into a more inward observation. While hypnosis therapy can tap into trauma, daydream only serves as a pathway towards the discovery of our heart's desire as well as the essence of our spirit. There are five benefits of daydreaming: 1) future thinking, 2) creative imagination, 3) relief from anxiety, 4) Synesthesia experience, 5) ecstasy and peace.

what is a daydream?

Daydream, noun: a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination. 

I shut my eyes in order to see.

— Paul Gauguin

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✦ Awakening of the spark inside of you
✦ Abundance of new ideas to apply for life and business
✦ Release of the people pleaser you were attached to
✦ New found passion for everyday life


In this 60 mins online workshop, we will kick off with some silly and fun group activities to get you physically loosen up, then we will have some thought provoking drawing exercise to crack your imagination open, next we will travel through a one of a kind guided visualization to tap into the inner child living deep inside of your heart, last but not least, we will have a fireside chat session to welcome every inner child to share their unique voice! After the workshop, you will receive a recording of our time together, as well as reading materials and worksheets to deepen your journey to the next level!

overcome the fear of AI against creativity

Revitalize your true genius with the inner child



✦ Decluttering of your mental blocks
✦ Renewed sense of your own magnificence
✦ Updated approach to your inner dialogues
✦ An open heart ready for abundance to arrive


In this 60 mins online workshop, we will start with a group breath awareness session to get you into a relax state with an open heart, then we will have some intimate journaling exercise to further dive into your subconscious self image, next we will travel together into a field of imagination, wonder, joy and happy surprises, where you will get to witness the magnificent beauty of yourself, in the end we will have a breakout session for everyone to share their new found love for self, as well as connect with each other. After the workshop, you will receive a recording of our time together, as well as reading materials and worksheets to deepen your journey to the next level!

regain true confidence against life’s challenges

Rejuvenate your inner brilliance with self love

workshop two


✦ Clarity about where you are heading towards
✦ Cleanse of mental blocks that keep you small
✦ Renewed relationship between you and your creative gift
✦ Rebirth of your creative confidence from inside out

You will walk away with:

In this 60 mins online workshop, we will start with a guided breath awareness session to warm up your creative muscles and loosen up your subconscious mind. Then we will go through a list of intentionally layered questions to help you further tap into your genius zone. Next we will experience a guided visualization journey where you get to tap into your higher self, and receive guidance and clarifications around why and how you should show up as your most creative self. After that we will have a breakout session for folks to share their own unique experiences, as well as connect with each other. Last but not least further reading materials and deepening suggestions will be provided as we wrap up the workshop.

uncover the authentic value behind your work

Finding your creative north star

workshop one

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✦ New awareness of the elemental forces of creation
✦ Fresh perspectives of your dominant creative drive
✦ Updated understanding of the law of manifestation
✦ Clear visions of your most aligned creative endeavor


In this 40 mins online workshop, I will walk you through the fundamental four elemental forces of creation, and illuminate how we can channel their powers to enhance the result of our creative endeavors.

We will start with the earth element and learn about the foundation of creating something from the ground up with the help of structures and systems; we will then tap into the fire element and unpack the essentials of using the power of love to take fierce actions and bring transformations to desired areas in life; next we will explore the air element through the lens of fresh perspective, otherworldly imagination, and ultimate inspirations; following that we will dive into the water element by getting to know our emotions on a deeper level, and unlock the superpower of being in the flow.

By the end of the workshop you will have a clear understanding of your dominant elemental force, gain the clarity of how to utilize those elemental forces to initiate your next creative endeavor and bring your big and small dreams into reality!

A workshop to help you plant the seed of your next creative endeavor

Master The Elemental Forces of Creation

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