It’s Dingding! Dingding Hu? Yes, that’s me! I’m an artist, writer, and performer, or you can call me a mixed medium synestheté! I’m on a mission to help you connect with your creative genius, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of you. With my mixology of creativity, intuition and imagination, I create artwork & experiences to take you on a journey towards the tropical paradise of your heart. ♡

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Welcome to my HUniverse

Dive into this delicious mixed-media world, and enjoy a co-creating process with your own mind’s eye, alongside fantastic friends! The portal towards your subconscious wonderland awaits…

Get Ready to reignite your inner creative Genius!

As seen in Aura photos, we all radiate colors. Our creative vibrancy is actually directly connected to the colors (light) we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you radiant. Fill in the forms below to unveil the one color (field of energy) that needs your attention the most right now! ✦

The Color Citrus

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- Marie Forleo

“Dingding is truly creating a business and life she loves with creativity.”

- Kerry Diamond

“Dingding is such an inspiration!”

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We all radiate colors, and what we see as color, initially is light. The colors (light) we carry inside are the fundamental building blocks of our imaginations and the ability to imagine is the reason why we can dream, visualize and CREATE. I developed AURAcle in hopes of offering a more tangible way for us to get in touch with our own creative essence. AURAcle is a representation of the beauty we possess when we own the power of our unique gifts and creativity!


creative essence

Where is the land beyond the eye, that people cannot see? Let me present you the perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane! Come inside to my mixed-media wonderland, and enjoy a co-creating process with your own mind’s eye. Open the portal towards your subconscious magical world, and ignite your dormant gifts through a full-sensory synesthetic experience! As you get lost through imaginary playgrounds, heading towards a hypnotic journey within, your new found self awaits!


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Daydream wonderland

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I produce seasonal art prints, stationery, stickers and wearable art that delivers everyday enlightenment to your personal style and surrounding environment. I have been offering merchandise that sparks joy at popular craft fairs and inside leading retail stores since 2016, and I’m on a mission to bring more aesthetic delight into our everyday encountering!



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Welcome to my HUniverse, a world of my own, where everything would be a bit nonsense, with a sprinkle of humor! I believe in the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and I champion the courage for everyone to live loudly with their true colors! With a decade of experience working as a visual artist, alongside years of research in the realm of mystics and energy work, I created AURAcle, a drawing system that captures the elemental essence of both things and people. And I’m on a mission to inspire new ways of seeing and discovering the elements and energy in our everyday lives! 

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