This is the perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane. Come get lost via imaginary playgrounds, heading towards a hypnotic journey within, and find yourself again! How do you get to Wonderland, over the hill or underland? Or just behind the tree? △

Daydream Wonderland

you are invited to enter a new realm of…

the imagination express is boarding!

Come inside to this mixed-media world, and enjoy a co-creative process with your own mind’s eye. Open the gateway towards your subconscious wonderland, and ignite your dormant creativity through a full-sensory synesthetic experience!

Where is the land beyond the eye, that people cannot see?

dingding, dingding…

Where is the path to Wonderland, Over the hill or here or there, You ever wonder where?

I’m Dingding Hu, an artist, writer, and performer, your hostess with the mostest, and a synestheté. Or you can call me a mixed-media mixologist. Welcome to my HUniverse, a world of my own, where everything carries the magic of imagination, with a sprinkle of humor!

Put on your festive attire or wear a funny hat, make yourself at home. There is 98 and 3/4 percent chance you’ll go beyond the norm! Would you, could you? Try for yourself? 

Hey there, it’s Dingding here!

Knock knock - Hu’s There?

For the newbies, the workshop series would truly nourish your creative spirit. Come empty minded, or carry some ideas, and you’ll be surprised by your new found creative super power. With exercises like journaling and guided visualizations, it’s like a spin class for your creative muscle, a perfect workout to recalibrate your senses and reignite your inner sparkles. 


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For the intermediate, the punch club would fully awaken your creative spirit. Come with your thoughts, ideas and visions, and you’ll be fulfilled by your newly developed creative sovereignty. With experiences mixed with prompt doodling, imaginary adventure, and collaborative storytelling, it’s like taking a shot of magic potion, an enchanted adventure to recharge your senses and rejuvenate your innate brilliance. 

punch club


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For the deep divers, the power vault would immensely transform your creative spirit. Come with your challenges and struggles, and together we’ll remove roadblocks, rediscover creative clarities, and rebuild your creative systems, so that you are well on your way to cultivate your own creative empire! It’s like going through a hot sauna followed by an ice bath, an alchemical process to reroute you onto the creative fast lane. 

power vault


a tale of the Imaginal cell

what makes imaginal cells so powerful is their awareness of the butterfly long before it became a reality, and there’s a name for that superpower in human form: the imagination.

As we all know, caterpillars will reach a point in their life when it’s time to transform into a butterfly, through a process called metamorphosis. During the metamorphosis process, the internal system of a caterpillar will actually start to fall apart and ultimately dissolve into goo and become the cocoon. Yet simultaneously the imaginal cells inside the caterpillar awakens and start to prepare the formation of the butterfly.

There is no structural similarity at all between a caterpillar and a butterfly. However as the regular cells inside a caterpillar fall apart, the imaginal cells bring the blueprint of a butterfly into the system. Despite the limited quantity, those imaginal cells find their way to connect and expand, and eventually creates the masterpiece of a butterfly.