What we see as color, initially is light. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, and it is only a small segment of the total electromagnetic spectrum, the one form the eye can perceive. Any given beam of light has specific values of frequency, wavelength, and energy associated with it. I created color citrus based on my own personal learning, meditation as well as reflections to offer you a new perspective to look at color, and live with color! ♡

the color citrus

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We all radiate colors, and our creative vibrancy is directly connected to the colors we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you were meant to shine. Fill in the forms below to reveal the color that needs your attention right now! ✦

This is the color that is connected to motivation, ambition, attraction and protection. It represents the solar power of the sun, which ignites the feeling of positivity, laughter, and the vitality of life itself. It is also connected to the fire elements, which speaks power, strength and shielding. All gradients of yellow speak the language of light, from the beam of sunshine, the spark of flames, to the golden presence of heavenly spirit. We all carry different spectrums of yellow inside of us, and it grants us the magic to manifest our dreams into reality.

When Yellow calls for your attention, you might be feeling exhausted from everyday commitment and sometimes beaten by life. It’s time to go to the gym or spend some time outdoors! Let the movement reactivate your cells, and allow the solar energy to recharge your spirit! Imagine the fire inside of you being reignited, and all the light you carry within shining bright again! Listen to your gut feelings when it comes to the next best action, and guard your attention against unsolicited advice from people around you. You know what’s best for you intuitively. When you are on the right track, you will still get tired, but you should also be fulfilled with certainty! Crystals like "yellow aragonite " will bring you regal frequency.

solar energy and power


This is the color that is connected to desire, pleasure and fulfillment in life. We all have cravings for nurturance, be it food, dance or nature. We want to absorb delicious cuisine, engage in movement, and immerse ourselves in the ocean or forest. The truth is, we are all yearning for growth, expansion and becoming part of something bigger, or forming a connection between one another. The feeling of fulfillment is a result of two elements becoming one, you and the food, body and air, creature and nature, and it is also a process of collaboration and creation. Orange is the color that represents the essence of creativity, as well as the potential connections we get to weave together by offering each of our unique gifts. 

When Orange calls for your attention, you might be running dry of inspirations, or feeling disconnected from the environment around you. It's time to recharge yourself with things that truly touch you, such as food, dance or nature. Because the feeling of being touched is a sign of genuine connection, which will help you connect to the best part of yourself and reignite your passion! Crystals like "carnelian" will bring you vitality frequency. 

fulfillment and pleasure


This is the color that is connected to blood, motherhood, and the foundation of life. It also signifies the feelings of belonging and the process of finding roots in life. From our connection to mother earth to our relationship with family, and our experience of being a caregiver; we are always searching for this feeling of being held by those who are more powerful, and yarning for this desire to shelter those who are more vulnerable. The home we are seeking everywhere actually starts to build within ourselves. At times we also need to destroy the old foundation, in order to make room for the new roots to grow, and new structures to form. 

When Red calls for your attention, you might be experiencing emotions of fear, feelings of being lost, and anxieties about where you are heading towards in life. It's time to allow yourself to sit in quietness, mute outside noises in all forms, consume root vegetables such as beets, and walk bare feet on the soil. Crystals like "red jasper" will bring you grounding frequency. 

roots and belonging


This is the color that is connected to the feeling of love. It is what we see all around during Valentine’s day, and it is the color that makes us feel charmed, exhilarated and sweet. Everyone has this feeling of love inside of them, waiting for the right moment to release and rejoice! All shades of pink represent a form of love language, and the most important person who needs to witness your expression of love, is yourself. 

When Magenta calls for your attention, you might be experiencing feelings of being isolated, alone, or insecure. It is a calling for self love, you are being asked to be tender and supportive with your own heart. It is also a reminder to recognize all the love that is available in your life right now, you are being encouraged to be more present and immerse yourself with all the blessings around you! Remember that love is the nectar of the flower of life! Crystals like "rose quartz" will bring you soothing frequency.

all about love


Hi, I’m Dingding, an artist, writer, performer, as well as a passionate color lover! I came to the realization of my gifts around “colors” when I stepped upon a psychic reading about my own auric fields. To my surprise, my personal aura matched exactly my brand color which I picked purely based on my intuitive feelings. Since then I’ve experimented with color interpretations for my creative friends, and received brilliant results. Over time, I concluded everything I've learned about color into Color Citrus. Around the same time, I also developed AURAcle as a new way of expressing our creative essence with oracle art. ♡

My Story with Color

This is the color that is connected to emotion, communication, and flow. Imagine the way water moves, it can reach all different tiny corners, it can form rivers and merge into oceans, and it can also carry all different creatures within itself. Communication is like water, we need to find the right stream, we need the language to flow, and we also need to know how to receive and carry the information that's coming into us. Communication helps us create a space between each other, through words, image and melody, ideas get to flow and energy gets to exchange. 

When Blue calls for your attention, you might be at a place in life where you felt drought. You have been keeping yourself in the same environment for too long, where no fresh input is happening and stuck energy starts to get stinky. Just like the water needs to move, so is the energy inside of you and around you. It is time to clear the channel, declutter your room, clean up your digital space and create opportunities to mingle with new people as well as experience new places. Crystals like "amazonite" will bring you frequency of fluidity. 

communication and space


This is the color that is connected to truth, growth and transformation. The blue flames are the hottest fire, and so is the energy shift brought by color sapphire. Everyone has their unique perspective of how they view the world, and each one of us has blind spots. With the influence of our family, education, and the media, we can have biased views on people, things, and how we approach life. It is during those moments of truth being revealed we get to grow into a better version of ourselves!

When Sapphire calls for your attention, you might be experiencing boredom and laziness in regards to everything that’s happening in your life. This is exactly the result of not living your truth. You might have a tendency of people pleasing, and feel afraid to live life by your own rules, and right now you might have done enough of it and your inner wisdom started to protest and resist. What are some thoughts and beliefs that you have but feel safer to hide ? What are some personality traits that you have been buried under? Well, they are ready to come out! Crystals like "lapis lazuli" will bring you frequency of courage. 

truth and transformation


This is the color that is connected to mother nature, human relationships and the love bond among everything on earth. We all come from nature, and we all carry our true nature deep within. However as we progress as societies, we welcome more and more technology into our lives, which in one way has brought convenience alongside civilization, however in another way has also separated us from where we come from, mother nature. We are all made of elements from nature, and only by understanding our fundamental materials can we find the best way to express ourselves, collaborate with others, and exist in harmony. 

When Green calls for your attention, you might be running low on your enthusiasm, feeling disconnected from everything around you. It is time for you to unplug from all the energy drainers and reconnect to what's providing you nourishment and fuel! Step out to hug a tree, listen to the sound of birds, and pay attention to the heart desire that has always been inside of you! Life always leaves bread crumbs ahead of you, and it is your responsibility to open your heart to receive the gift. Crystals like "green agate" will bring you loving frequency. 

bond and connection


This is the color that represents the mystic connection among humans and all other living creatures on earth. Before we had modern technology and built skyscrapers, everything grew out of the ground, and there’s massive wisdom hidden underneath the seemingly dull appearance of the earth. New lifes emerge from the dirt and dead bodies return and merge with the dirt. The full cycle of life happens with the support of the ground, the earth and the dirt. There are things visible to the eye, as well as creatures beyond the eye. Nature by itself has the ability to maintain perfect balance, despite there being predators as well as disasters. The very principles of life are within nature, and the more we understand how things work in nature, the more we will bring balance back to modern society. 

When Brown calls for your attention, you might be feeling stuck on your path, as if nothing is going your way. It’s time to take a break from your mundane life, and go on an adventure into nature. Listen to your heart about what is truly calling you right now. Maybe you are yearning for a trip to the tropical jungle, maybe you are thirsty for a journey into the ocean, or maybe you are desiring an adventure into the mountains. Whatever it is, trust yourself and spend some time in solitude and open your heart to nature like a humble student. Crystals like "mookaite jasper" will bring you regal frequency. 

manifestation and pathway


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✦ I created AURAcle based the science of AURA and the meanings behind color. My mission is to help you remove outside noises and receive inside clarity about your authentic creative spirit. Once you get to witness the light inside of you and discover the magnificence you carry, you will start to radiate the magnetic energy of you and start to attract amazing things into your life, just like magic! ✦

This is the color that is connecting you to a fresh new start. White light is the combination of all light, and white energy is the balance of everything. Just like a blank new canvas, white creates a peaceful neutral space ready for a new chapter to unfold. 

When White calls for your attention, you might be at the beginning of a new adventure in life, be it a relationship, a job or new location, this is an exciting time for you! No need to feel anxious because of the lack of clarity, nor should you worry about how you are going to make it all the way to the end. Embrace the fresh energy, and trust the process. It is no coincidence that you landed at this new starting point, and you will continue to receive guidance along the way! Crystals like "opal" will bring you frequency of direction. 

beginning and gestation


This is the color that is connecting one phase of life to another. It is the ending of a chapter, and the time span before the next chapter begins. Black has a bad reputation, as it indicates darkness and generates fear. However it is also the color of the womb, the place where all new life has been created. We go through different cycles of endings in life, be it a relationship, a job, or the passing of a loved one. Moments like this in life are without doubt painful, however it is also the genius design of life itself. As everything new comes from the debris of something old. Remember, as we keep growing and evolving, something always remains the same. 

When Black calls for your attention, you might be feeling something is off, or feel no longer passionate about something in life that you used to care very much about. It is a sign that your life is due for an upgrade. It’s time to let go of an older version of yourself who has served you well, and you are ready to grow! Crystals like "obsidian" will bring you transmuting frequency. 

ending and transmutation


This is the color that is connected to wisdom, ecstasy, and earthly spirit. Everything around us is alive, if you pay attention, from as obvious as a puppy to seemingly unlikely as a rock. Have you ever experienced the delightful touch from a breeze? Or maybe you've been immersed within a forest and sensed the connection among all living things? You might even have been inside the ocean, swimming with the fish, and got carried around with the gentle love from waves. Everything in nature is connected, and the blossom of a tiny flower shares the same wisdom of an ancient tree.  

When Lavender calls for your attention, you might be feeling heavy, uninspired and sometimes even sad. You might be taking too much advice from others instead of listening to your own heart, or you might be focusing too much on what makes sense instead of pursuing what feels right. It is time for you to engage in activities such as playing, walking and dancing, allowing your body to reconnect with its natural rhythm. Let go of control, open up your curiosity, and be willing to get lost in the journey of a new round of self-discovery. Crystals like "larimar" will bring you refreshing frequency. 

wisdom and ecstasy


This is the color that is connected to intuition, inspiration and heavenly spirit. Whether or not you are a believer, deep inside we all feel there's something bigger out there, divinely impacting our everyday happenings. Maybe you've had some visions of a life you truly wanna live, or you've had this inner calling that something is off and you need to find new answers, sometimes it is a recurring dream that you keep having but never understood. All of the above are messages we receive from the universe, and within those messages are clues for us to discover our true nature, take on initiatives that we were born to embark on and release our protection layers that have been keeping us small. If you've ever witnessed the grandness of a sunrise, experienced the magic of a rainbow, or simply encountered synchronicity in daily life, you've been in touch with the power of the universe!

When Purple calls for your attention, you might be feeling drained, miserable, disappointed about life, or having difficulties believing in yourself. It's time to take a break from all the daily responsibilities you are familiar with, and spend some time alone far away from your routine environment. Engage in activities such as journaling, yoga and sound bath, and set up your intentions to be open to receive. Trust the process, pay attention to signs, and surround yourself with people who believe in your unique gift. Crystals like "amethyst" will bring you inspiring frequency. 

magic and intuition


— Julia cameron

creativity is the natural order of life. life is energy: pure creative energy.