Come meet all the fantastic foodie friends!! In this vivacious take on the classic seek and find book, it delivers wonderful imaginary adventures for all the curious children, as well as awakens the inner child for all the young at heart grown-ups.

Delicious Daydreams

You are invited to a tasty adventure of

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Come nourish yourself in an “eggcellent art studio”, indulge yourself at a “pizza party in space”! And look out for “sneaky snacks” and “corgis in party hats”!

Buckle up for your next delicious destination!

With its condensed formula of JOY this book will take you on a wild ride through sensibility and serendipity, heading towards your inner wonderland!

The book idea came to me in a dream

My grandpa’s cooking has deeply nurtured me as a child, and I have a strong bond with him for his love language through food. My grandpa passed away unexpectedly in Jan 2020, and before I could pick myself up, the global pandemic arrived. I went downward through an emotional spiral, feeling hopeless and completely lost.

Around my birthday in March 2020, I had a dream about grandpa. In the dream, he hosted a massive dinner party for me, on an infinite long white table and invited everyone I know. I woke up with my heart filled with love and the joy of food, and I took it as a sign from heaven! 

I went back to my drawing table the exact day and finished a book pitch that I’ve been postponed for a long time..



Selected pages from the book.....

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