With my mixology of creativity, intuition & imagination, HUniverse offers merchandise that sparks effervescent delight, which will take you on a wild ride through a prismatic tunnel, heading towards the renaissance of your own inner brilliance!

✦ Hey there, it’s Dingding here, welcome to my HUniverse, the perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane! Feel free to browse through art prints, AURAcle magic, and playful books that deliver everyday extraordinary to your life and mind. ✦ 

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Artwork has power, as images bring a certain frequency to you that delivers good vibes and positive shifts in subtle and magical ways. A piece of framed artwork with a specific color and intention is like a magic spell that's working for your space 24/7, quietly radiating uplifting energy that brightens up the room multi-dimensionally! 


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What we wear can shift our appearance and influence our presence, and it doesn’t have to be formal or luxury to be effectively mood lifting and energy revitalizing. Let the magic from HUniverse take root in your everyday life, and experience effervescent delight from wearable art!


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With exercises ranging from prompt journaling, structured doodling, and guided visualizations, the workshop series are designed to help you stretch the limit of your imaginations, expand the dimension of your visions and ultimately unleash your own inner creative genius!


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