auracle is seeing our true colors

We all radiate colors, and what we see as color, initially is light. The colors (light) we carry inside are the fundamental building blocks of our imaginations, and the ability to imagine is the reason why we can dream, visualize and create. We are intuitive beings made of colors, and we all carry a unique spectrum of lights that’s waiting to shine! 

AURAcle is an image that captures the color frequency of our energetic essence. It is presented as a piece of artwork, accompanied by writings about a specific creative essence. It works in a similar way to tarot cards (image + readings), while the focus is on the reflection of our collective elemental nature (creative essence).

We all carry light inside, and any given stream of light has their specific value of frequency, wavelength, as well as energy associated with it. Each of us is made of a certain combination of energy, and everything around us also contains its own spectrum of energy. From a tiny thought in the mind, to objects and space, from food on the table, to animals, trees and nature, the whole existence is pure energy. I created AURAcle in hopes of offering a more tangible way for us to get in touch with energy through our perceptions of light, and below I shared the AURAcle I created for the energy of the four basic elements we carry inside. 

seeing the Elements within

Your "dominant element" (fire, air, water, earth) is weaved into the rhythm of the AURA.

The AURA colors from the one of a kind "energetic spectrum" of you.

A personalized portrait of you as a butterfly inspired feminine figure based on your unique "energetic expression".

AURAcle is a drawing of your unique blend of elements

you are an elemental force

The rainbow comes from water yet shines as light across the sky. Similarly as creative beings, when we start to navigate our emotional waters, shed layers of false senses of who we are, and eventually uncover our true inner spirit, we too get to rise above and witness our own spectrum of light shining through. 

As a recovering artist struggling with an identity crisis, what I discovered is that most of us have this inner voice about who we are and what we should do, but we never find the clarity of what this calling truly means or how it wants to express itself in our life and business. During the process of answering that question to myself, I gradually put together the AURAcle system, with the goal of revealing the magnificence of who we are, in the forms of visual arts and writings. 

seeing a reflection of you

so you can shine by your own light rather than relying on the reflections of others

I’m an artist, writer, performer, as well as a life long learner about the mystery of the universe! I've been working with colors as long as I can remember, both in my artwork and in my everyday life. I believe every color conveys a unique energetic frequency, and each single one of us radiates our own spectrum of light, AKA our creative genius.

With a decade of experience working as a visual artist, alongside years of passion in the realm of energy work, I created AURAcle, a new way of expressing our creative essence, in hopes of inspiring new ways of seeing the elements and essence in our everyday lives! ♡

Hi, I'm Dingding

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Inside our auric field stores our fundamental energy, and we are all made of elements that already existed in nature: earth, fire, air, and water. In one way or another, we are all searching for something meaningful in life, some call it the messages from the universe, others phrase it as an inner calling. My mission is to help you clarify your unique gifts, special creative expression and the path of least resistance towards abundance. I will interpreted the AURA of you into artwork, then translate the information from your auric field into a document, which I call the "creative genius report", and it will help you clear the clutter on your vision, remove the guesswork on your journey, and shed light on all those blessings in disguise coming your way.

AURAcle is a representation of the beauty we possess when we own the power of our gifts and creativity

you are a creative spirit

- Prayanka V

"The Creative Genius Report hones into my purpose as well as how I can create abundance with my unique gifts. I love that I have more clarity on what makes me special and how I can focus my energy to feel more joyful and fulfilled."

- babs c

"I love the Creative Genius Report cause it captured my essence in ways that surprised me, and it feels like such a blessing to be understood in this way!"

My superpower is to poke right through you and grasp the genius within, while helping you navigate idea drowning alongside self doubt overflow. And if you are feeling the call yet struggling with clarity, come spend 20 mins with me, free of charge! Sounds like a plan? Come this way... ♡

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