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The elemental

As we all know, caterpillars will reach a point in their life when it’s time to transform into a butterfly, through a process called metamorphosis. During the metamorphosis process, the imaginal cells inside the caterpillar awakens and start to prepare the formation of the butterfly, similar to how we bring dreams to reality in real life.

The science behind manifestation is simply a process of transforming raw elemental energy into concentrated form, and ultimately creating a new physical reality, birthing structure and form into the original chaotic source. And this raw energy is available within each individual person, within which one element always dominates our creative expression...


Hi, I’m Dingding, an artist, writer, and performer. I came to the realization of my dominant element when I entered a phase of "non-stop" conflicts with my favorite person in the world, my husband! It was right at the beginning of my study around the court cards in Tarot, which is exactly based on the four elemental forces. We found out my hubby at his core is a fire warrior while I am an air fairy. As his love language is taking actions and making movements, all I want is to immerse myself in stillness, explore mystic knowledge and channel with my intuitive heart. Since then we have both learned more about ourselves as well as discovered new ways of maintaining a balanced relationship with joy, and it continues to motivate me to share my learnings with you! ♡

I'm an air fairy

While some of us are happiest following worldly pursuits, others feel very connected the the feelings (energy) that runs through our body, alongside the meanings behind it. The sun sign in astrology tells you 1/12 of your chart, and you might be surprised by the element that actually dominates in you. ♡

You can find out which elements matches you the most by adding the month and date of your birthday (eg: March 20th is 0320, which is 3+2=5, so you get 5), and with that number you've got, refer to the following: Earth is 3, 8; Fire is 4, 6; Air is 2, 5; and Water is 1, 7, 9.

In fact, we carry all four elements (earth, fire, air, water) inside of us. Even though we were born with one of them being the strongest, we might be going through a phase where life is calling us to develop another element that we are not naturally good at. If that feels true to you, you can read details about each element, and feel it in your heart to decide which element / trait you are most drawn to right now! 

Let's find your element

The energy of earth is all about birth, nurturing and connection, and the season when earth is most active is spring. We all come from the earth initially and we return to earth after death. Earth is the ground below us, and the birthplace of all things in nature. Roots grow beneath earth, rivers flow in between earth, and fire returns life back into earth. No matter how much things have changed over decades and generations, earth remains as the most tangible reality like eternity. 

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The season of earth is spring. It is a time to embrace the new year, new beginnings alongside new intentions and new habits. It is a time for planting seeds, setting up foundations and growing roots. After resting and letting go during the water season in winter, the earth season in spring offers us a clean state, where all the new possibilities are ready to take shape. It is important to know that working with earth energy is hard work because creating anything in the physical realm requires the strength against gravity and the force against friction. It is crucial to simplify our intentions and focus our efforts persistently on concentrated desired outcomes. When our intention is scattered, our energy spreads all over the place, as a result we don’t have enough strength to fulfill the mission we initially set up. Spring is a good season to step outdoors and embrace all that nature has to offer. It helps us enhance our awareness of the connection between ourselves, all living things, and mother earth. Earth demonstrates to us the true meaning of abundance, that everything emerges from and will ultimately return to the same source, and the real fulfillment of life comes from the engagement of cycles of creation, alongside the witness of life itself as a masterpiece created by mother nature.

✦ the season of earth ✦

When earth is your dominant element, it means you are someone who gives life to ideas, and brings dreams into realities. You are a natural when it comes to manifestations. You feel most rewarding when you get to build something from the ground up, and you are a mastermind of structures and systems. You were born a brilliant planner, and you have the superpower to bring ingredients together and make things happen like magic. 

Don’t let anyone doubt your project in development, because the strength brought by earth is the ability to take steady steps, make consistent progress and ultimately achieve desired growth. However before you master the element of earth, you might get weighed down by its energy and fall into situations of stuckness and feelings of boredom. The key is to recharge yourself with opposite energy that inspires flow and rhythm, as well as bring movement back into the structure. An earth guardian at their best is when they can maintain their own pace and rhythm no matter what distractions or disruptions the outside world are throwing at them. 

✦ the expression ✦

Every single one of us is part of earth, thus we are not that different from mountains, cows, trees and flowers. Earth is energy manifested into solid shape, and everything in our mundane world can be considered as the element of earth. We all go through cycles of transformations in this life, just like how sand turns into pearls and caterpillars turn into butterflies. In a micro manner, a little negative thought can eventually turn into an illness reaction in our physical body, meanwhile in a grand scale, a sketch on paper can ultimately turn into a skyscraper with the help of a big team of engineers alongside construction workers. There’s nothing too little nor too large to be left out in the collective ever-changing way of living life as earth. Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years, and they are the most mystical and unbelievable manifestation of earth. In a way, the relationship between crystals and earth as a whole is very similar to the connection we have between our cells and physical body. When we start to pay more attention to all the 3D world existence around us, as well as recognize the identical way everything in the physical world goes through life, we will start to feel more grounded, fulfilled and cohesive with our everyday environment. 

The energy of fire is all about passion, desire and love, and the season when fire is most active is summer. Fire starts as a little spark, just like the inspiration inside of our heart, and it can turn into magnificent fireworks in the sky, waking up the burning life force inside of our spirit. We use fire to cook food, to keep us warm, and to heat up a romantic night. Fire can melt ice, tear down walls and transform metals. They always say don’t play with fire, because only the most skillful one can master its infinite power.

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The season of fire is summer. It is a joyful time to step into creative projects that light up your heart, and it is a great time to bring your ideas to life with all your heart. No project is too small and there’s no right or wrong. Fire elements bring purifying energy, which can help leverage you into your truest self and burn off the noises and self doubt that has kept you small. Summer brings the heat, and when you set up the right intention, you can embrace that heat into your assistance and fast track whatever has been cooking on your back burner. Alchemy happens when metal goes through extensive heat, and reveals its precious essence. Likewise when we experience the initiation of fire element, our own truth finds its way to the forefront. There’s nothing to be afraid of, even though that most likely would be the first reaction. Know that there’s massive power in truth, and truth heals wounds, brings laughter and produces potent comedy. With the magic of fire, you are called to come up to the center stage and take charge of this beautiful masterpiece of your own god damn life! You feeling the heat, honey?

✦ the season of fire ✦

When fire is your dominant element, it means you are someone who loves passionately, and brings warmth and sparks to those around you. You feel most connected when you get to speak your love language to someone, as well as spending romantic time with a dear loved one. You love taking actions, making movements and bringing transformations to people and the environment around you. You are naturally a leader with the uttermost charm. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too much, because the strength brought by fire infuses you with burning passion for your heart’s desire, as well as an overflow of love for everything you feel connected to. However before you master the element of fire, you might get burned out by its energy and fall into situations of exhaustion and feelings of anger. The key is to cool off yourself with opposite energy that brings calmness and rest, as well as bring tranquility back into the flame. A fire warrior is at their best when they will never stop taking bold actions until they solve all the problems at hand and reach the highest mountain top.

✦ the expression ✦

We all have this burning fire inside of us, and it starts to warm our heart when that right idea, right place or right person comes into our orbit. This fire inside of us works like a thermometer to measure whether or not something is vibing right alongside our frequency. It is important to notice though, that this idea of right is ever-changing and only applies based on very specific situations. It is beneficial to see it in a way that’s not black and white, but get used to the notion that right things happen at the right time for the right person. There’s no need to be insecure about what’s alive in our heart, nor should we be judgmental about what’s present in other people’s lives. Fire is the element that makes us feel alive, and it is no good to hold back your inner fire from expressing itself, as that might directly contribute to your future depression. On the other hand, the fire element is so powerful that we need to learn overtime about how to work with it for the best results. The key is to take small steps, leaping into your passion, and practice ways to bring that spark into something meaningful and tangible, quite like making an omelet! And soon enough, you will master advanced culinary delight, AKA manifesting fruitful results for the life of your dreams.

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✦ AURAcle is an image that captures the color frequency of your unique blend of elements. I created AURAcle in hopes of offering a more tangible way for us to get in touch with energy through our perceptions of light. ✦

The energy of air is all about wisdom in the subtle stillness, and the season when air is most active is fall. Air is everywhere, invisible yet essential, and the way we breathe in air, is the same way we absorb inspirations. Air is what fills a space, defines an environment and brings changes as we inhale and exhale. Air is the substance of life, and air can never be obtained in a closed environment. We can never grasp air as it is only meant to be sensed with full attention. 

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The season of air is fall. It is a mystic time to get in touch with what’s beyond the eyes. We are so used to being tied up to the everyday grind and left ourselves in a draught of fulfillment and joy. It is time to go back to nature, to make connections with all beings beyond human and this man-made society. We all come from nature and every existence has its default frequency, where we feel most at ease. By immersing ourselves in nature we give ourselves the opportunity to return to our own true nature. And what has always been embedded with our true nature is this sense of wisdom that emerges from the deepest root of our spirit. You are intuitive by nature and the season of air is the perfect container for you to reconnect with that part of yourself. You are created by mother earth for a specific reason and you have a unique talent inside of you unlike anyone else. Stop trying to mimic someone else’s life and start to unleash your own magic to the world. Help is all around as soon as you clear your mind and start to tune in. 

✦ the season of air ✦

When air is your dominant element, it means you are someone who has a lot of good ideas, and sees everyday mundane life with your own unique perspective. You feel most fulfilled when you are exploring knowledge that is beyond the norm, as well as when you are in touch with your intuitive self. You find most ease in stillness, and you are one with the uttermost imagination. 

Don’t let anyone ridicule your vivid vision and foresight, because the strength brought by air is the superpower to brainstorm ideas, inspire creativity and dream up big blueprints. However before you master the element of air, you might get carried away by its energy and fall into situations of non-stop self criticism and feelings of being not enough. The key is to ground yourself with opposite energy that connects you with nature and pleasure, as well as bring action back into the thinking stream. An air fairy is at their best when they are capable of establishing a laser focused mind that can come up with the most brilliant strategies for impossible missions.

✦ the expression ✦

Air is the element that needs to be felt with beyond the norm attention, it is this hidden mystery that ties everything together yet most people tend to ignore. Think about it, we can’t be alive without inhaling oxygen and in a similar way things won’t work out unless we pay attention to subtle details that connect all parts. Air element is magic at its most profound presence and the moment you empty yourself from all the clutter and noise, air comes in and fill in the space with all the wisdom you’ve been waiting for to unlock the next iteration of the life of your dream. Air exists like a feather, and it demands uttermost stillness in your mind to experience its presence. Air works like the most potent potion, as long as you are ready to open yourself to receive it. 

The energy of water is all about emotion in its constant movement, and the season when water is most active is winter. Water comes in a variety of streams, be it river, waterfall, or the ocean, it is constantly in the flow by nature. When water is limited in a closed space like a pond, it starts to stink. Water is what we are made of, and all the feelings we have as human beings are simply energy in its motion, just like water. It is impossible to take control of water, but we can learn to understand its flow and work in alignment with it.

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The season of water is winter. It is the perfect time of the year to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. It is important to rest in the winter, because it is a time when life is at its least active, and our body naturally enters its own cycle of hibernation, just like grass covered under snow, waiting for the arrival of spring to come out and play again! Your body will thank you if you allow it to slow down, take a break, and nourish it with good food and deep rest. Winter is also a great time to release anything outdated from our inner system and outer environment. It is helpful to journal about the past year and reflect on what it is that no longer serves us, and what it is we are ready to depart from. It can be an old limiting belief, some clothes that no longer match our identity, books that we never read or outgrow, or people in our life that we are ready to move on. The list goes on, and the more things we are willing to let go, the more room we are making for new things to emerge in the next cycle. Winter is a good season to invite fire into our life, as it will not only enhance the fire of life within ourselves, but also remind us of the cycle of life from the deceased to the rebirth.

✦ the season of water ✦

When water is your dominant element, it means you are someone who experiences emotions on a deep level, and feels the emotion of others around you easily. You feel most alive when you get to express your own emotions freely, as well as when you get to connect with others on a deep level. You feel most joy in the flow, and you enjoy losing yourself in the delight of music and movement. 

Don’t let anyone judge how you feel about things, because the strength brought by water is the fluidity to be in touch with all the energy around you, and hold empathetic space for others to receive healing and nourishment. However before you master the element of water, you might get swallowed by its energy and fall into situations of low mood or feelings of drowning in desperation. The key is to stabilize yourself with opposite energy that helps you detach from heavy feelings, as well as shine the light with new perspectives. A water poet is at their best when they achieve the mastery of energy flow and can always sense and direct the energy around them with ease.

✦ the expression ✦

We were all born out of the water inside our mother's womb. Water creates space for new life to emerge and provides an incubator for new creation to form into shape. Water is the foundation of the blood that flows through our body, and water serves as the tunnel to carry nutrients through the veins of plants. Raindrops fall onto earth to wash off the dust on the surface, it then melts into the dirt to nourish all the roots, eventually it merges with the river and travels all the way back into the ocean. Water is a physical presence in our life, and water is also an energetic existence in our abstract consciousness. The way tropical fish swim in schools inside the container of the big blue ocean resembles accurately how energy travels all across our surrounding atmosphere, and different schools of fish are just like different streams of energy. When we gain clarity about our interactions with all the energy around like a skillful diver in the ocean, we will start to take control of our everyday encounters with ease and grace.

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✦ I created AURAcle based the science of AURA and the meanings behind color. My mission is to help you remove outside noises and receive inside clarity about your authentic creative spirit. Once you get to witness the light inside of you and discover the magnificence you carry, you will start to radiate the magnetic energy of you and start to attract amazing things into your life, just like magic! ✦

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

— Albert Einstein