I’m an artist, writer, and performer, or you can call me a mixed medium synestheté! I have a long history of working with colors, both in my illustration and in my everyday life. I believe every color conveys a unique energetic frequency, and each single one of us radiate our own spectrum of light, AKA our creative genius.

With my research, experience and writings about the elemental forces of creation, I’m on a mission to help creative folks reunite with their creative essence, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of every single one of us! ✦

I’m the author of a seek & hide book called “Delicious Daydreams”. I also host the podcast “Honey Gone Nuts” where I explore stories of creative renaissance as well as uncover the journey towards connecting to our inner MAGIC with my brilliant guests. ♡

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the whole existence is vibration, and so are thoughts.If you generate a powerful thought, it shall become a reality

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telling jokes at open mics, or sipping a sparkling wine over hotpot around New York City 

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peer support over peer pressure!
I took my craft seriously but not so much myself

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the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever

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I was once a workaholic, with a successful track record on the outside, and a heart that was insecure, anxious, and totally burned out on the inside. They say most of us go through life not knowing what we want, but feeling darned sure this isn’t it, and that’s exactly where I’ve landed, after a decade of hard work as an immigrant. Shortly after my beloved grandpa passed away, he visited me in a dream where he threw me a dinner party on an infinite white table. I was so touched with the ecstatic energy from that dream, and felt as if some part of me suddenly woke up from a coma! I spent the next two years soaking up all the love energy from my dream, and manifested them into the real world as a seek & find book called “Delicious Daydreams”! Throughout that journey, for the first time I’m feeling true vitality in life. And one year after the book was published, I developed an intuitive drawing system called AURAcle, because I believe it is my true purpose to recreate grandpa’s gift for me: an awakening of our lucid essence, AKA the true nature! 

Patron for creativity

Think “Princess Bubblegum” from Adventure Time, add a bit more chili and salt, you got me, a food nerd who also cares to make it fashion! As a kid, watching grandpa cooking while doodling on my sketchbook was my initial getaway from outside noises; as an adult, food and drawings continue to serve as my special connection to the love present in mundane moments! With an MFA degree in illustration I get to build a professional career in commercial art; with my dating life in New York City I get to experience the enchanting world of global gastronomy. One important thing I’ve learned is that my sensibility is nothing to be ashamed of but instead my super power! As I step into my own unique brilliance, I also discovered my true purpose of being a creative human being: It is to feel all that I can feel, use my artistry and intuition to break the illusion that we are all separated, and reignite the collective light that we all carry within. 

a Highly sensitive kid 

I was a highly sensitive kid who grew up in China, and I was struggling for years to find personal space for peace. I wanted to escape from the stressful environment at home from an early age. An accidental opportunity to visit Sedona, Arizona in high school planted a seed inside me for a dream of pursuing a life of "freedom and self expression" in America. At age 22, I packed up two giant suitcases and moved to the United States to attend Maryland Institute College of Art. I was on a mission looking for love, adventure and magic somewhere out there. Eventually it took me a decade of learning and growing, including many heartbroken moments plus a trip to São Tomé and Príncipe, to finally realize that everything I was looking for elsewhere was actually inside of me!

taste the rainbow of life 

We all radiate colors, and our creative vibrancy is directly connected to the colors we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you were meant to shine. Fill in the forms below to reveal the color that needs your attention right now! ✦

The Color Citrus

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Fun Facts

I grow up in Sichuan, China, same hometown as the Panda Bear.

The best dining experience I've ever had is at eleven madison park.

My favorite place to have a date is the grocery store.

I lived in west Africa for an entire month in my early 20s.

I have a book signed by Jim Gaffigan credited me as his "favorite opener ever"!






Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

— Albert Einstein