A rainbow colored 2022 review


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I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

In this episode, I looked back on seven aspects of my life in 2022 as well as reflected through them over the wisdom from our seven Chakra system. Coming back from an interesting spiritual trip in Sedona AZ, I got the inspiration that I need to stop looking and start seeing as we step into 2023! 💖

Root Chakra

I revealed how getting a dream job from Disney both realized my career milestone and triggered trauma from my teenage years. The exciting yet challenging experience eventually led me to set the intention of 2022 as to figure out who I really am, and where I truly belong.

Sacral Chakra

I reflected on how the accidental “off date” celebrations I had on my birthday ended up contributing to a liberated mindset of not letting the outside image define how we have fun! I not only unlocked the freedom to stop wishing for the stars to align for my special day, I also got to have a series of delicious gastronomy experiences throughout the year! I felt free, nourished and fulfilled. 

Solar Plexus Chakra

I recalled my accidental leap into comedy and how it has turned me into a better creative individual. I analyzed the benefit of showing up regularly with no perfect scripts nor unrealistic expectations and how that has helped me discover my new favorite creative habits – open mic sessions, as well as how I keep it up!

Heart Chakra

I shared the exercise I did to realign my apartment with who I am and what I cherish, as well as the discovery of an old habit that was shockingly in my way of having an open heart relationship with my husband. It was super interesting to audit our living environment and make better adjustments!

Throat Chakra

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to have my own platform for sharing my voice, as well as the totally unexpected industry notice that I’ve received! I shared the precious moment when I get to meet my spiritual icon Gabby Bernstein as well as my plans and wishes for what is yet to come!  

Third Eye Chakra

I learned to trust my visions as I picked up my perfect pink suit on a whim with a discount and how wearing the outfit that actually draws you ended up empowering you and giving you a much needed energy boost! We are all somewhat psychic and we need to trust the vision that keeps on coming back!

Crown Chakra

I memorized the days when I was downloading my seek and hide book for Foodies, Delicious Daydreams through a combined practice of meditation and visualization. I also revealed my new plan for writing a one woman show and why you should totally come!!

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