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I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

David Kurihara is a chef, sommelier and manager with a decade of experience in the fine dining industry of New York City. He is devoted to being of service, by bringing people together over delicious food as well as cultivating world class hospitality.

On today’s episode, I chatted with my husband David Kurihara about what it’s like to work in the restaurant industry, the influence of Anthony Bourdain, as well as the obsession with sushi! My favorite part of this conversation is our shared journey of rediscovering ourselves through the pandemic, and letting go of what we are not meant to do! Grab a beer and pull up a chair to hear our stories.

Five Nutty Questions

What is one breakfast item that get you out of bed?
Hmmm, bacon! There’s nothing quite like the smell of frying bacon!

It’s Tuesday (Saturday), cooking or dining out?
It depends, but I pick cooking, cooking is better! Especially now that I work in front of house and I don’t cook as much like I used to.

Thanksgiving OR Friendsgiving?
It depends, but I pick cooking, cooking is better! Especially now that I work in front of house and I don’t cook as much like I used to.

Have you ever made any plans for your last meal?
I mean, it would have to be sushi, there’s no debate. I think you would just have to keep feeding me sushi all the way towards that lionfish sushi, you know that one if you do it wrong, you die? That could be the last course of it!

Tell me something nuts!
The soil of the world is going to run out in like 40 years and we’re not gonna be able to eat any food. That is freaking nuts to me! We need to save the soil, start sustainable farming, and winemaker have been doing it for years, y’all!


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