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Jaíne Mackievicz is a chef, writer and multi-passionate creative unicorn. She is the winner of Food Network’s Julia Child Challenge, and she writes a newsletter on substack sharing recipes & food chronicles from the Amazon to Le Cordon Bleu Paris!

On today’s episode, I invited one of my favorite person Jaíne Mackievicz! During our conversation, we chatted about what it’s like to grow up in the Amazon Forest as a Brazilian girl who’s very tall. We also discussed the journey from law school to become the star of a cooking competition, and the true meaning of privilege from the perspective of two immigrants in America. My favorite part of this episode is our shared experience of eating fresh fish out of the ocean and showing our gratitude to nature, as well as Jaíne’s real life encounter of a Julia Child Magic moment. We laughed so much in this episode, it was literally healing. Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, and join us for the fun chat.


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Jaíne and if you feel touched by her warmth, check out this her newsletter Dinner at Jaíne’sWhat was your biggest takeaway from this episode? We would love to hear from you! You can connect with Jaíne @mackievicz and myself @huishungry on IG as well as write a review on Apple Podcast!! Until next time!!

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