Awakening of the Inner Artist


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I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

KJ Nasrul from Bliss Begins Within is a licensed psychotherapist, artist, and speaker based in the Oakland Bay Area. She is on a mission to help folks discover their inner strength with techniques influenced by expressive arts, music, journaling, guided visualization within a traditional psychotherapeutic framework.

On today’s episode, I chatted with my friend KJ about our belief system, the decision of becoming an artist as well as mac and cheese. My favorite part of this episode is our new discovery of the true purpose of art. You will walk away with an elevated sense of belonging, as well as lots of healing energy! Let’s dive in!

All the feel good senses in life

KJ and I start the chat by checking in with each other on our current snack obsession, and while she’s eating shortbread cookies and popcorn, I was embarrassed to admit that I’m binging dirty rice! KJ helped me with a live diagnosis of my dirty rice affair and granted me permission to let the joy of senses lift me up. As long as I do return to my drawing desk and try not to overindulge. The new rule is it’s OK to indulge a little bit when I’m anxious!

What it takes to claim our artistry

We further explored the topic of becoming an artist, and I was quite surprised to learn about how KJ was into music since she was 4 but couldn’t claim her artistry until a few months ago! From her vulnerable sharing I only later realized how I have also caged my inner comedian until this year! We agreed upon our shared practice of the morning pages from The Artist’s Way as well as reflected on how much junk we store in our head on a regular basis! KJ has also come up with this amazing quote: Art is communication, communion and connectivity. We want you guys to know that toning into your inner artist will truly make you feel good, and when we feel good, then we heal good, and that’s the story of life!

Attention to life and connections

I shared the story of when I lost my sensibility of life’s little wonders in the midst of pursing a stupid illusion of a NYC famous artist, and KJ helped me remember that noticing the good things in life doesn’t have to cost a lot money, or a lot of time, it is after all just a self permission as well as self awareness. From a lovely scent, some pleasant melody or the sounds of the ocean, everything around us has some sort of connection with us, it is up to ourselves to stay open and be willing to receive. We’re all connected and we all impact each other, it could be a beautiful thing if done right, and that’s where the magic arises. 

Five Nutty Questions

What is your childhood favorite dish?
Mac and cheese!

Do you believe there’s something bigger than ourselves in this world?
I really believe that everything that we do is interconnected, and there’s a web. And I truly have witnessed in my own life things and activities that have occurred that could not have just been because of me. There has to be something unseen, intangible and bigger.

Tell me one thing that your partner annoys you?
If I have to choose one, I notice a drop in communication lately. What’s annoying for me is that I’d like to know if he’ll be home at a certain time so I could plan for dinner, you know. (I know! One thing my partner annoys me is that there’s just socks everywhere all the time lol!)

Any plans for your last meal?
Alfredo linguini pasta with shrimp! It’s sort of an evolution from the original mac and cheese. It’s still pasta, and it’s still cheesy, but this time it’s Alfredo cheese and I added the shrimp in. (So it’s the grownup KJ.) Yes! 

Tell me something nuts!
I have recently been featured on four different movie soundtracks. (OMG I’m so excited for you!) 


I truly hope you enjoyed my conversation with KJ, and if you feel connected her message, she has a gift for you! Check out this Sound Mandalas to Soothe & Still and enjoy! I’d love to connect with you on instagram if that’s your cup of tea! If you enjoyed the conversation, please leave me a review to let me know, as it will tremendously help us reach more like minded folks!!

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