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No matter how much joy and delight I intend to share on social media, the content that get the most rapport is always around the feelings of “burn out”. It seems like despite all the resources we have around inspiration and happiness, we always find our way back into burn out! On this episode I am confronted with my own need of stepping away from everyday routine and escape into the forest, and I took the opportunity to reflect on how to break up with the fate of constant burn out, especially as a highly sensitive person and creative spirit!

Emotion is Energy in Motion

Everything is made of energy, and energy is present everywhere in our daily life. As someone who is highly sensitive, or in another word, very creative, we tend to feel more of all the energy surrounding us. Those energy reaches us through visual, sound, touch and emotions. As a result, the easier for us to feel energy, the more difficult for us to navigate them. And among all of the forms energy manifest itself, emotion is the most present one, as well as the most difficult one. Emotion is energy in motion, as different interaction with other people alongside the environment triggers different emotion in us, specific emotions leads us to specific physical responses. The good news is that as we raise more awareness of the relationship between energy and emotion, we will be able to have more understanding of ourselves and gradually have more control of how we feel. 

Connecting is Energy Exchanging

We are constantly exchanging energy with the world we live in, from a person you talk to, a conversation you over heard, to something you saw on TV, or clips of information you came across on the Internet. Energy is everywhere, and as we interact with everything around us, we are creating a variety of connections with all the energy. Some of them make us feel good, others drains us; some of them passing by like wind, other stuck with us and sabotage everything it touches. It is important to be more aware of all the connections we make on a daily basis, as it help shift our own energy center, and often times with no careful guarding, knock us out of balance. Balance is basically the feeling that we’re in peace with ourselves, and on the contrary, burn out is the frustration that comes from the falling out of balance within our energetic systems. 

Energetic Balance and Inner Peace

First of all, from my experience, it is crucial to train ourselves to be more alert about feelings that’s indicating we are out of balance, such as when we are feeling heavy in the chest, alongside shortened breath, and when we are feeling grumpy, alongside with out of character behaviors that’s somewhat damaging. While negative energy is not an absolute term, it is very essential to recognize what triggers the negativity in you, and withdraw from the source immediately. The key is to stop intaking the negative influence and retreat yourself back to a safe environment so your spirit have room to recover itself back to balance. On top of everything, take inventory of your triggers and transform your feelings onto paper can also help disarm those influences into a relatively neutral energy around it. And as a matter of fact, you are doing a little bit alchemy work here, pretty amazing, right?

Once you unlock the skill of catching yourself in the middle of a falling out of balance, you are ready to take the next step: an overall energy cleanse. There are many different ways to reset your energy, the simplest ones start with taking a shower and allow the magic of water to attune your body to its default set up. Following that you can also choose to take a nice walk outdoor when it’s windy, as air in the flow (wind) is a powerful tool to help remove negative energy as well. You can also consider a workout and let the physical movement to shaken up your energy body so that it falls back to the natural order! Besides workings the cleanse elements, you will also benefit from taking in charge on the energy you consciously in take, such as food and drink, TV shows and music, and always check in with yourself by asking: how do they make me feel? It is necessary to point out that activities like making art, creating music and writing can also nourish your energetic body and lift up your spirit! Last but not least, be extra mindful when you go on the internet, as it is quite the place that’s filled with rabbit holes of negative influence that might just cause you a downfall from balance, along with your joy and peace.


I truly hope you enjoyed this episode of my reflections on how to avoid burn out, and I’d love to connect with you on instagram if that’s your cup of tea! If you enjoyed the conversation, please leave me a review to let me know, as it will tremendously help us reach more like minded folks!!

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