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In my own creative journey, for a really long time, I think all I need is to have creativity, and everything will simply fall into place after that. It’s like as if there’s this magic moment when the muse just dial in, and all of sudden I get to have all the answers. However, over a decade of being a creator, I realize it is just not true! On today’s episode, I shared the some of the process of creation behind my own creative journey, in hopes of inspiring your own!

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Step 1: Let go what’s no longer serving you and make room for your authentic expression

First of all, one thing most of us ignore is that we simply don’t make space for creativity to come through, such as filling our working space with lots and lots of clutter, looking way too much at what everyone else is doing, and never saving premium time for creativity! The most hidden area that needs declutter is our mind, as we have way too much ideas going on and never find the winner to bring to life. The root cause is this fear deep inside of us, which is preventing us to showcase our truest essence. We find it much safer to follow someone else’s roadmap cause there’s too much noise going on everyday and it is very difficult for us to tap into our own genius zone. 

Step 2: Find the courage and take action to initiate the project of your dream

So what do we do? What I know is that it’s quite the journey, but well worth it! Take myself for an example, when my idea of Delicious Daydreams became a book deal I fell into quite the dilemma! I was filled with imposer syndrome, and I was hoping that I didn’t need to work on the book after all, while at the same time I was scared that I would lost my book deal. There was this big fear inside of me triggered by the need to represent myself vulnerably, as it simply feels like too much risk!

After I signed the book contract I got completely stuck, and the only way I could function was to pick up fights with my husband, until one I became totally fed up with myself! I hopped into a yellow cab and checked myself in the Standard Hotel. With a lovely view of Manhattan, delicious food and a fulfilling bath, I continued on my procrastination into a new show on Netflix. Luckily it happened to be the exact drama that I need to get triggered, so that all the tears I’ve been holding back inside of me can finally all flush out! As I let out a big chunk of buried feelings, I woke up the next day I woke up, ready to put my pen down to paper, and started crafting the first page of my book.

All the negative noises inside of me were like handcuffs that keep me stuck, preventing me from claiming what I am made of, and what my creativity is here to serve! There’s creativity buried inside every single one of us, and we all have so much to unlearn, so that we can make room for our true nature to return to center stage. As wildfire wipe out villages and take away people’s home, I hope you are feeling that heat of anger deep inside of yourself as well. After all, our own true nature and the essence of mother nature are deeply connected my dear.

Step 3: Managing the workflow, delivering consistently, and making it to the finishing line

You might be wondering, well in theory it is nice to recognize our own original idea but in reality most ideas never sees the daylight, which leads back to the old story, that not everyone was born creative! It is true that most people can start a project, or business venture, however the curse is that very few people knows how to make it to the finishing line!

Nobody can write a book in a day, not in a month, many books take years to finish! Take Delicious Daydreams an example, originally I was only given less than a year to deliver the book, but the final book took more than two years. The process of putting together a book is, in my opinion, more intense than a marathon, and I went through waves after waves of headaches as I construct my book piece by piece, and at one point I almost felt desperate as I simply just don’t see how I can finish this book on time, the more I work on it, the more work just come out of it! Fortunately one of my long time admired mentor, Marie Forleo, come to the rescue! She released her new time management training program around the same time, and it is called brilliantly, wait for it, Time Genius!!! At that point, I have already read all the books out there on this exact topic, and I just can’t seem to find a way to put all the magic together into work, I can’t help but handed in my credit card, and Marie absolutely delivered like she always do!!

This program completely changed my relationship with time, and boosted my creative workflow like never before! The best part is that a week after Time Genius program wrapped up, I got an email from my editor, telling me that my deadline has been extend for an entire year, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! However intuitively I know that synchronicity like happens all the time, cause as we make significant changes to ourselves, our reality shifts!

The Goddess of Creation: destroy, create, and maintain

As we wrap up, I want to introduce to you Brahma, the goddess of creation. If you search her name on Google image, the portrait always three faces of it, and that is a perfect demonstration of what I shared with you guys in this episode! The secret of creativity goes in three phases: destroy, create, and maintain. We need to first let go what’s no longer serving us, make room for the new, then find the courage and take action to initiate the new project of dreams, and last but not least, we need to learn how to manage our workflow, deliver consistently make it to the finishing line! And you are like me, who is struggling the most with the management part, you are in luck today, as my mentor Marie Forleo is offering a free training that will forever change how you look at time management, If you are interested in learning more about Marie Forleo‘s time management magic, head over to 3 Sneaky Mistakes That Kill Productivity & Tank Profits and sign up for your free trainings!!


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