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I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

On this episode, I analyzed the original intention of holidays and why it is important to be surrounded by your loved ones during this season. I also shed light on the real meaning of good vibes and why it is crucial to trust your feelings as well as protect your energy during all different types of gathering. Happy New Year!! I hope 2023 is starting strong for you, and I can’t wait to step into this new chapter of Honey Gone Nuts and share more creative insights and ideas exchange with you! 💖

Trust your vibes

I chatted about how you might have a negative self image about being overly sensitive and why it is totally wrong. I shared my own story of going to a big party and the reflection on the importance of being honest with your sensitive self, and why it’s the right thing to do to trust the vibe in the room based on your own radar. It is OK to move around the room, leave the environment and say NO to people who make you feel uncomfortable. Last but not least, pay attention to the way your dog reacts to someone around you. Most of the time, dogs have their owner’s best interest in mind and can sense not so friendly intentions nearby.

The real meaning of self love

I shared some examples of moments in life where we are truly feeling good, such as eating a very well prepared meal, spending quality time with loved ones, and cuddling with a beloved pet. I strongly believe in the importance of pursuing those “feeling good” moments in life, because when we feel good, it is actually an indicator that our energy field is open, as if we are a flower that is experiencing a blossom. I introduced the concept of frequency of love as well as shared how thoughts like self judgment, self criticism, and self-hatred will block our good vibes, whether they are triggered by others or stuck in your own mind. Last but not least, I shared why true self love is to know how to technically, physically, mentally, energetically make yourself feel good, as well as the secret nurturing magic from mother nature.

The garden in your heart

I went in a deeper dive on our heart chakra, explained where it is and what it means in our everyday life. I introduced the concept of the garden in your heart and how there’s typically two types of color of our heart chakra, green and pink. I encourage you to do a scanning and reflection of your own chakra when you are in a meditative state or simply in the shower. Take a check up with your inner garden, and see if it is drought, or nourished. Is it growing positive plants or maybe it can use some prone and prune? Is it growing in open field, or maybe it is overly sheltered? 


In the end I shared my own journey of being heartbroken and closed off after my beloved grandpa passed away and how working on “Delicious Daydreams” has helped me rediscover the light within, and gradually revitalized my inner garden piece by piece.

I truly hope you enjoyed this episode of my learnings about how to protect our energy. Wanna chat more with me? I’d love to connect with you on instagram if that’s your cup of tea! If you’ve learned something from this episode, why not leave me a review and share with others? Plus it will tremendously help us reach more like minded folks!!

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