You are the Magic


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✦ I have this intuitive gift of identifying energy, and infusing them into creative expressions. Here at HUniverse, I’m on a mission to help you connect with your creative genius, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of you. ✦

I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

Everyone has a little craving for the magic inside, and that’s why fantasy and fiction always have a special spot in our heart. While it is a lot of fun to dress up as our favorite characters during Halloween, the next day most of us would simply return to our mundane routine of everyday life. If you recall those moments when you were in a superhero cape, wearing a witches’ hat, and carrying gigantic wings of angels or devils, aren’t parts of you feeling oh so real and alive with that character? The truth is, when something brings you that feeling of being truly alive, it’s because the magic inside of you was so freaking present, and it’s a loud reminder that you are the magic!

Receive Inspiration

Even though you might not be able to technically fly with wings, the invention of aircraft actually started with two brothers whipping their man made wings. This is a solid proof that real magic usually starts with a simple idea in our head. And that light bulb moment is exactly when inspiration comes knocking on the door at you! Originally we all have a lot of ideas, however as we age, we gradually lose access to it, as if Peter Pan has been kicked out of Neverland. Usually what is preventing us from receiving those fresh ideas and ground breaking brilliance comes not from our innate ability but from the noise all around us. When we stop believing in magic, sparks of ideas stop occurring to us, because we turned it off. So if you are reading this today, and feel like you might have blocked your own channel towards that inner creative genius, why not take this as an invitation to get involved in some risk taking creative project as soon as possible! It can be as simple as baking a cupcake and immersing yourself fully into the process, like it’s no one else’s business!!

Access Creative Vision

Have you ever created a vision board? Maybe it was a long time ago, maybe it was yesterday, or maybe you think it’s quite stupid? You are probably right! The real charm behind vision board is actually less about putting together concrete goals, such as a big house, or a deck of cash onto paper; it is actually more fun and effective when you allow yourself to dive into a pile of old magazines, books and brochures, then let your mind wander around and see what images you are naturally drawn to. The concrete style might be helpful to get you concrete results, while the spontaneous style might lead you into a journey of delightful self discovery, and a glimpse of your heart’s true desire! Our subconscious mind has its own unique way to communicate with us. It will show us the blueprint in symbols, structures, shapes and objects, and as we open ourselves further to welcome the visions to unfold itself, the image will get more clear, and further details will be revealed. The important thing to do is to make time and space, as well as take actions to get in touch with your subconscious mind, and soon enough, you will be surprised by your very own inner brilliance!

Physical Manifestation

“As above, so below” is the most concise and precise capture of the deep philosophy of manifestation. That is also to say: if you can shape it in your mind, you will find it in your life. It is as easy as it sounds, however oftentimes it doesn’t really work quite smoothly in real life. One thing you need to know is that, everything we are working with during the process of manifestation is actually a form of energy, and as you think about reaching goals such as earning certain amount of money, becoming a published author or meeting the love of your life, what you are really dealing with is always a collection of diverse energy! Have you ever heard of “where attention goes, energy flows”? What that means is that everything is connected with energy, and we can generate energy with efforts as simple as a thought. For example, when you are reading this paragraph, you murmured in your head, this is just bullshit, and here you go, you just send out some “bullshit energy” into the universe! So to sum up, the reason why sometimes we can’t find our dreams in real life, is because whatever we are shaping in our mind at the moment is disorganized, ever-changing, filled with bullshit energy, and is wishy-washy, not very stable!


In the end, I just hope that you realize you are so powerful beyond your wildest imagination, and everything you set up your mind to accomplish, can be turned into a reality. So think about this next phase of your life as if it’s a little garden, what is the first plant you’ll give life to?

We all radiate colors, and our creative vibrancy is directly connected to the colors we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you were meant to shine. Fill in the forms below to reveal the color that needs your attention right now! ✦

The Color Citrus

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