As a former creative procrastinator & professional over-thinker, I’m on a mission to inspire our connection between with our inner creative genius, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of us. Hence I created this space to explore stories of creative renaissance as well as investigate the journey of revitalizing our inner MAGIC. Grab a drink and join me and my guests for a treat of heart nourishing conversations, with my vivacious comedic spins!

a podcast for your inner creative spirit

welcome to the paradise of your heart...

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Are you vibing with "Honey Gone Nuts" and hope you can ask your own burning questions? Perhaps you are feeling tremendous anxiety thinking about all the bold moves you are about to take? Perhaps your head can't stop spinning considering all the possibilities alongside challenges ahead of your way? Or maybe you are simply feeling stuck on your creative journey and couldn't figure out which way to move? What if I can be the person to help you see the light in the darkness, and fall in love with all the challenges life throw your way? 

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