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Once upon a time, as human beings we covered up our body with animal skins as clothes, lit up campfires at night for warmth and safety, then carved out wood sticks as tools! Life was rough when we needed to worry about predators from the wild as well as where to hunt for the next meal. Fast forward, thanks to the establishment of the abstraction of society, we now have countries and cities, live in houses and buildings, and we get to buy food from the grocery stores or go to a nice restaurant! The modern world is built on the concept of society, which translates directly into law and order, and it gives us safety, shelter, food, stability and then again wars. What has gone wrong?

True Masculine Energy

Obviously nowadays when it comes to the concept of a government, city and country, the leaders most likely are male dominated, and there’s a reason behind it. By default we assume men are the ones who radiate masculine energy, as we all see them in sports and on the executive team of big corporations. They represent the ability to defend one’s territory to create firm boundaries and vigorously maintain them. They are the cops, lawmakers and politicians, and they are also the managers, chiefs and CEOs who approach issues from a perspective of analysis and measurement over emotion and intuition. All of the above are great traits that yields important results which contributed to the wonderful life we have right now, but there’s one thing that has been ignored, that this masculine energy is not necessarily gender oriented, in fact we all have it inside of us, it is simply a matter of awareness, permission and opportunities for execution.

Structure and Foundation

As a little kid, we usually receive love and caring from our mother, while the father is a figure of severity, and we learn about obedience, alongside the rules of society under the father’s guidance. The mother figure signifies the natural world, which is all about nurturance and fluidity, yet the father figure emphasizes the social world, which is focused on the laws of society, and the power that enforces them. However, oftentimes there’s a lack of balance between those two roles, as the modern culture polarizes between the two genders as well as diminishes the importance of the feminine energy. The truth is, a good mother must carry great masculine energy within her, for the discipline, for the schedules, and for the endurance throughout all the housework, let alone in the modern days they often also have a demanding career on top of the responsibility of a mother. On the other hand, a good father needs to have a sense of feminine energy within them too, otherwise they tend to fall into the sterility of a life rigidly governed by rules, building a network of repression, in comparison to the spontaneity of a mother’s nest. What a child truly needs, as well as our modern society, is a balance of both worlds: full expression of passion and emotion governed by reasonable structure and boundaries, working together like a tango dance.

The Power of You

After all, the rules and structures of our society is not really a bad thing. The important part is that we must absorb these rules, as well as a society’s culture and belief, then go beyond them to find our own personal code of conduct, and that’s where true power comes from. There’s no point in having the attitude of  “rules are made to be broken”, as nothing is absolute and only by following the rules at the beginning we get to become part of the game. As we advance on our personal power of ambition, dedication, discipline and excellent execution, we will gradually figure out the secret ingredients to pave our own way forward. The map has already been made, but it is up to us to embrace passion, spontaneity and creativity, so that we get to carve innovative routes, make brilliant plans, and take powerful actions, and ultimately arrive at the destinations of our dreams!


Each of us gets to be our own kind of leaders, and all of us get to build the ideal life according to our own visions. It is a myth that power is only within the hands of a few of us, because the truth of power has always been within, and it is time to stop looking for it elsewhere! It takes some real power to become a marathon runner, and the same power applies to restaurant servers, nurses and doctors, all of the mothers, writers and artists, and the list goes on. Now, where do you plan to unleash your power?

We all radiate colors, and our creative vibrancy is directly connected to the colors we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you were meant to shine. Fill in the forms below to reveal the color that needs your attention right now! ✦

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