The Paradox of Belief


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Since early childhood, we are put into kindergarten, elementary school, followed by middle school, high school and college. Some even chose to pursue a master degree or PhD. Nobody can be sure if education has changed us for better, yet without doubt it cost a fortune. Just like joining a religion, choosing a political party, and following a mentor, it is only natural to seek guidance from someone older, wiser or more experienced. However as we lean on those leadership figures wholeheartedly for a sense of direction in life, we tend to ignore the fact that nobody can be always right. 

The Necessity of Faith

It is empowering to believe in something, cause it help us feel less scary, more supported, and filled with hope. When we are believing in something bigger than ourselves, joined by other like-minded people, it gets even better. We start to experience the heart warming feeling of community and the grounding feeling of belonging. As a result we feel less lonely, recharged with courage, and boosted with confidence. Over time, we get to witness progressive developments as well as successful results from other people in our community, we find it easier to believe in our own abilities to accomplish great missions and reach for impossible dreams! 

The Downside of a Role Model

While the everyday folks seek happiness from worldly pursuits such as career, family, and healthy, the creative bunch yearn for something more, something beyond the veil. We follow rock stars cause they wake up that burning fire inside of us, we follow movie stars cause they touch something deep in our heart, and we follow influencers cause they inspire us to become a better version. The beats, the stories and the messages are capable of helping us heal, reflect and grow; and the role models are there for us to look up to like a beam of light, a source of hope and a compass of direction.

It is yet very easy for us to put our idols on a pedestal and ignore the fact they are just human beings like ourselves, and they are perfectly imperfect. We all prefer to navigate life with a fool-proof roadmap from someone else, however the desire to follow can sometimes lead us to follow blindly. And as we got used to follow, unavoidably we ended up weakening our own sense of direction. Subsequently we lost touch with our authentic self, together with what was uniquely important to us. Role models are great inspirations, however don’t forget to take the director’s seat for the art of your own life!

From Willpower to Self Sovereignty

It is quite the challenge for someone to accept the responsibility of finding their own way. To begin with, it is risky, lonely, and full of pressure from family and society. Our brain has been trained for obedience, therefore novel behavior always triggers anxiety and terror. Let alone countless tales teaching us the notion that there’s only a few lucky ones, and the rest will suffer!


To pave our own path has been historically misunderstood as a dramatic act, while the truth is creative endeavor can simply start as an idea and result in a small positive change in our everyday life. Real creative power is accessible for each single one of us, and it is easy to tap into, joyful to practice and delivers long lasting fulfillment. Nobody needs to be a rebel in order to form original ideas and everybody can cultivate a happier life with one creative thought at a time!

You are the magic, you have the power to create the life of your dreams, and deep inside you already know this. Let me be the channel to deliver you the messages that will nourish your heart to the core! With inspirations from the ancient art of Oracle Cards, my writings and illustrations are here to accompany you as you awaken to your dormant inner magic. Fill in the forms below to receive 22 doses of sparkling potion to unlock your innate creative brilliance, bubbling with effervescent delight!

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