You are the magic, and you have the power to create the life of your dreams. However it’s not very easy to believe in yourself, cause who the f*k are you to begin with? That’s where I come in to serve as the channel and deliver you the messages from the smarter version of you! Those messages will nourish your heart to the core, unlike any relationships you’ve ever had. As I take inspiration from the ancient art of Tarot Cards, spice it up with my vivacious creative spins, the important mission here is to awaken your dormant inner mother of dragons, or whatever natural magic you possess. Shall we?

Marvellous Mimosa

nourish your heart with wisdom from the universe…

As an artist, I have this intuitive gift of identifying energy, and infusing them into my creative expressions; as a nerdy geek, I spent over a decade honing my skills around color, shape and composition. After going through a painfully rewarding self-discovery journey myself, the attempt for healing as an artist has eventually brought me into a brand new chapter of artistic exploration: the ancient oracle art of Tarot Cards. I resonated deeply with the creative thinking behind Pamela Colman Smith's illustration, and was inspired to explore new depth in my own drawings, with a new intention of illumination. ♡

the juice

Oracle Arts

Oracle art is a perfect marriage of visual art and written words, and it carries on the original legacy of illustration as an art form by illuminating messages into new dimensions. Language can only interpret a limited volume of information, and images help bring that initial frequency of wisdom to an abstract medium which allows a broader way to experience the energy behind it. With color, shape and rhythm, the energy of a profound oracle art can bring subtle changes to your life in a significant way over time.

The way I nourish my creative spirit is mostly through music, visualization, and senses. The process is quite similar to meditation, but I give it my own spin. I like to mix in a blend of elements such as herbal teas, flowers, smudges, candles, crystals and sometimes food with a really strong flavor, as well as physical movements. When I’m in the right incubator, I get to access the wiser side of me and she gave me visions of my next cool ideas. 

Creative Visualization

The way I like to write is a bit like baking. First I collect all my ingredients (inspirations) and prep the tone of what I’d like to conceive. Next I set up a little writing corner with the necessary ambience and unleash the creative heat through my fingers into the keyboard. Then as my initial ideas start to take shape on the screen, I put on my editor’s glass and further sculpt it into the final piece of creation!

intuitive writing

The Bubbly

You are the magic, you have the power to create the life of your dreams, and deep inside you already know this. Let me be the channel to deliver you the messages that will nourish your heart to the core! With inspirations from the ancient art of Tarot Cards, my writings and illustrations are here to accompany you as you awaken to your dormant inner magic. Fill in the forms below to receive 22 doses of sparkling potion to unlock your innate creative brilliance, bubbling with effervescent delight!

marvellous Mimosa

Nourish your heart with wisdom from the Universe…

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