Dingding Hu is an illustrator, writer, and content creator, and she has worked as a commercial artist for global brands such as Google, Disney, and Sephora. She is the author of a seek and find book called Delicious Daydreams, published by Chronicle Books, and she hosts a podcast called Honey Gone Nuts, where she explores stories of creative renaissance.

Dingding grew up in China and immigrated to the US to pursue an MFA degree at Maryland Institute College of Art. She established a successful career in New York City as an artist, with recognitions from Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. She has led public art projects commissioned by the Department of Transportation as well as designed campaigns for Instagram / Meta as an empowerment for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month.

Dingding specializes in working with colors, both in her artwork and in her everyday lifestyle. She writes about the unique energetic frequency of colors, and teaches about the elemental forces of creation. She also created AURAcle, in hopes of inspiring new ways of seeing the elements and essence in our everyday lives! She's on a mission to help creative folks reunite with their creative essence, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of every single one of us! ✦

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This topic illuminates our destined creative path from the angle of the elemental forces of creation, and it is perfect for those who are looking for a clear vision of their own journey ahead. This topic can be helpful for the audience to unlock new awareness of their own dominant creative drive, and ultimately guide them into an updated understanding co-creation: the secret of powerful manifestations.

pave the destined creative path

The Elemental forces of Creation

This topic focuses on various methods to achieve true confidence for life, and it is perfect for those who need help with decluttering of mental blocks that’s preventing them from receiving love. This topic can be helpful for the audience to develop a renewed sense of their own magnificence, as well as help rewire their thinking patterns with an updated approach to better inner dialogues and prepare them with an open heart that’s ready for feelings of joy and abundance.

the true confidence against life's challenges

Self Love and its Inner Brilliance

This topic demonstrates from different perspectives to prove that ai is not the real enemy of creativity and instead we are usually in our own way. It is perfect for those who are eager to awaken the creative spark that’s calling inside of them, and unlock an abundance of new ideas to apply for both business and life. This topic can be helpful for the audience to release the people pleaser they were attached to and infuse them with a new found passion for everyday life.

AI is not the real enemy of creativity

True Genius of the Inner Child

This topic help folks dive into their most creative self, and it is perfect for those who are looking for ways to gain more clarity on where they are heading in both business and life. This topic can be helpful for the audience to establish a renewed relationship between themselves and their creative gift. It is also an opportunity for those who tune it to cleanse their mental blocks that keep them small and rebirth their creative confidence from inside out.

the authentic value behind your work

Finding Creative North Star

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"We are all born with unique gifts, and that's why each of us has the ability to contribute our one of a kind creative essence to the world."

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I create artwork and experience with my mixology of creativity, play and imagination, which takes my audience on a journey towards the tropical paradise for their heart. With a decade of experience working as a visual artist, alongside years of research in mystic arts, I’m on a mission to illuminate the indigenous legacy through oracle arts, interactive experience, as well as multi-media performance! Be it a workshop, keynote speech or events of creativity, let me be your host and bring “life” to the party!

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