The Power of the Moon


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✦ I have this intuitive gift of identifying energy, and infusing them into creative expressions. Here at HUniverse, I’m on a mission to help you connect with your creative genius, and ignite the everyday extraordinary spark inside of you. ✦

I'm Dingding!

Hey there,

Every morning the sun goes up, and we start our day, engaging in work and social activities. Then the sun goes down, we wrap up the day, dive into the night, mingle and unwind until it’s time to go to bed. We rush to get some rest before the sun goes back up again! Just like that, the life we have is dominantly driven by the movement of the sun, as we get things down and reach milestones of achievements. We can’t help but sometimes feel empty, drained, even overwhelmed. On the path towards true fulfillment, there’s a missing piece, the power of the moon. The silver light of the moon comes in cycles, and assists the development of our intuition, with which we get to look inwards and get in touch with the depth of life.

The Interior of your Heart

Remember the last time something made your heart sing, or the last time someone broke your heart? Such intense feelings, right? Our heart is such a mystery, that it matters so much however it also seems like you can’t really protect it truly or guarantee its happiness. We are very familiar with the concept of going to a gym and working out our physical muscles, meanwhile we barely spend any time looking into the mechanics of our heart, no wonder we don’t really understand what it needs to flourish. We spent our whole life trying to reach the state of fulfillment by acquiring possessions, earning titles and maintaining a sense of superiority. But we all know deep inside, none of those truly serves our heart. The heart is a vital part of our existence, as the heart’s desire serves us breadcrumbs of the true purpose of life, the heart’s broken pieces gift us the opportunity for healing and growth, and our ability to maintain an open heart, is the key to receive all the blessings life has to offer.

The Voice inside

We all have yearnings. Sometimes we chase after it and fail halfway, other times we simply choose to ignore it for safety. As a little kid, we all had big dreams and burning passion for life, however as we age, we learned to follow the proven path and suppress our heart’s desire. The thing is, there is this voice inside of us that never went away. It’s the voice of our inner child, and the voice of our true spirit. When we ignore that voice inside, and decide to leave behind all the crazy ideas and what ifs, the joy and spark of life leaves us behind in return. When we embrace that voice inside, it terrifies us and defeats the logic we spent years accumulating, but deep in our heart, we are thrilled for what’s coming next. It’s like the difference between waiting to get up and go to work, and waiting to go on a second date with someone you are in love with. Have you ever thought about going on a date with yourself? Can you be a good listener to everything the voice inside has to say? What if this is the most important relationship in your life, and it’s never too late to fall in love again?

The Cosmic Womb

We all have moments of heart broken, and we all learned to close certain parts of our heart over time. They say, the longer we live, the more edges we lose, and eventually we become numb and ask for less. If that rings true to you, you might have misunderstood the brilliant design of life! All the broken parts of our heart are in fact essential puzzle pieces for us to rebuild and reconstruct ourselves, so that we get to become one step closer to the life of our own dreams. The skills we acquired through the healing process of a broken heart, serves as the vital tools for us to learn how to stay open even if we felt hurt, scared and terrified. We go through different phases of heart broken experiences, during which we collect pieces of our broken hearts, and we shapeshift into a new version of ourselves. We gain more strength, more resilience, more openness and more capability to receive all that life has to offer.


Every phase of the moon serves a great opportunity for us to learn new skills, and receive new gifts; and every round of growth brings us more reasons to love this precious life we get to live. All being said, when in doubt, look inward, honey!

We all radiate colors, and our creative vibrancy is directly connected to the colors we carry inside. Let me be the bridge to recalibrate you with the light you were meant to shine. Fill in the forms below to reveal the color that needs your attention right now! ✦

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